Integra Staff believes that local, flexible, and responsive staffing will benefit both the job seeker and the client company. To that end, our process almost always involves a streamlined temp-to-hire arrangement like the following:

  1. We network, recruit, and empower a pool of talented job seekers for targeted industries and regions within Wisconsin and Minnesota.
  2. We invest in getting to know our job seekers—their skills, their character, their needs, and their goals—so we can find the right fit for them and for our client companies.
  3. We work with our client companies to define needs, choose employees, and fill roles.
  4. Our job seekers are employed through a temp-to-hire relationship with the client company. This means that the employee conducts work for the client company but is employed officially through Integra Staff—we take care of payroll, workers’ compensation, taxes, benefits, HR management, and other responsibilities. The client company simply pays an hourly wage and provides feedback for Integra Staff.
  5. The client company has no obligation to keep an Integra employee for any specific amount of time. If the temp-to-hire employee reaches 480 hours worked with the client company, the client company has the option to hire the employee onto its own payroll. Or, the client company can simply continue the temp-to-hire arrangement as-is.

Do you want to know more about our solutions or have questions about our processes? Please feel free to contact us—we’d love to talk with you.