You’re a hard worker who deserves a foot in the door. How would you like to benefit directly from our extensive network of companies hiring locally? You just need to fill out one application, and we’ll set up a time to talk with you about your skills, values, and goals.

Working with Integra Staff means…

Time savings. Apply once with us for access to a variety of local job opportunities.

A foot in the door. Most of our arrangements involve permanent placement opportunities.

A true fit. We match our employees to jobs that fit with their employment goals, skills, and objectives.

The right salary. Staffing Specialists can offer salary advice and help employees get the compensation that fits their skillset.

Employee benefits. Company-sponsored health care (for those who qualify), commute assistance (for those who qualify), direct deposit, reloadable payroll card, and more.

Employee bonuses. Ask us about our sign-on and referral bonuses, or check out our incentives.

New skills. Ask us about skills testing and development opportunities to expand your career options.

Diverse experience. Temporary or contract work helps you gain skills and work experience in different industries.

Contact us with any questions—we’d love to talk with you.

Do you want to know more about our solutions or have questions about our processes? Please feel free to contact us—we’d love to talk with you.