Your time is valuable, and your capacity is limited. We respect that. We’ve established a pool of reliable employees who are ready to work, and our process is designed to minimize risk for you, the employer, and empower each employee for success within their carefully-matched role.

Working with Integra Staff means…

We take the risk and obligation. Let Integra Staff be responsible for background and drug tests, workers’ comp, taxes, unemployment insurance, benefits, payroll, Affordable Care Act compliance, HR management, and more.

Temp-to-hire option. Most of our placements include a temp-to-hire option. For more, check out our Process page or contact us.

Cutting-edge technology and techniques. Because Integra Staff’s core business depends on staffing quality employees for your company, we take the time to continuously refine our staffing technologies and techniques. We’ve upgraded our employee and client company web portal into a one-stop-shop for completing forms, requesting new roles, reviewing invoices, and more.

You benefit from our advertising and recruiting. Building a consistent network of quality job seekers takes time. And we’ve put in the time.

Professional recruiting and hiring. Our staffing Specialists are trained in recruitment techniques, interviewing process, resume screening, reference checking and employee background searches.

Solutions catered to your goals. We’re here to listen, and we’re flexible enough to customize solutions to fit your goals.

Cost-effective recruiting. Outsourcing the recruitment process is usually more efficient than in-house recruitment, when measuring time and cost.

Specialized hiring for your industry. We are experienced in recruiting a wide variety of candidates for different jobs and different industries.

Questions about these benefits, our process, or next steps? Feel free to contact us—we’d love to talk with you.